How to Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously?

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If you’ve conflicted with someone or are interested in what your crush or ex has posted on their Instagram stories, We’ve got your back. With the work techniques listed below, you can check out an individual’s stories on Instagram without awareness.

Discover the top tools for streaming stories on Instagram in privacy. Keep learning with us, and if you explore other tools, visit our site for more insights

Can I watch somebody’s Instagram story without letting them know?

Yes, consuming stories on Instagram without another person noticing is possible. However, Instagram does not provide an integrated feature to view stories anonymously. But, a few techniques in this article will assist you in viewing stories on Instagram anonymously. Learn more about how to do it.

5 Best Free Online Tools To Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously

1. InstaNavigation

If downloading an app and logging into it is too much to your liking, you should try InstaNavigation. InstaNavigation is an excellent application for seeing stories without logging in on Instagram. What sets it apart is that it provides figures for Instagram accounts. In addition, you can check out the stories, posts, and highlights of an open Instagram account.


Yes, they are available for download as well. You can also see the most popular comments on these posts. Another feature we loved about InstaNavigation was the blog section. Some writings might be helpful if you are searching for information on related subjects.


  • Provides brief stats of Insta handles
  • 100% free to use with no limits of sorts
  • Well-optimized website


  • Limited to public accounts

2. IgAnony

You’ve probably heard of the new and exciting spectacle that has taken the internet by storm. What’s that thing that allows you to access the stories and posts of anyone on Instagram anonymously? It’s known as IgAnony, The Instagram private story reader, and it is as fascinating as people make it out to be.


This fantastic web service allows users to access anyone’s IG account. You can access the stories, photo reels, videos, and anything else. And the best part? The person you’re watching will not know they’re being observed. This is the appeal of this whole thing.


  • Free to use
  • Don’t need to pay
  • No need to sign in or sign up
  • Easy to use and navigate


  • No mobile application
  • Limited support 
  • Limited features

3. Pixwox/Picnob

This stage is centered on moving forward with the Instagram user’s involvement with the social media application. The stage is known for its adaptability and various choices to make your involvement on Instagram more pleasant. You can use it to stalk the web and post or edit photos anonymously – this tool can be used in all. This application is a third-party tool associated with social media platforms like Instagram.


This application allows users to browse Instagram stories, follow other users, and download images and videos, among other functions. Furthermore, it is possible to discover the most popular stories and save them for future use. When downloading content through Pixwox, keeping content and photos offline will save you time.


  • The software lets users create Instagram stories without divulging any personal details about themselves.
  • With no account to sign up for, you can download prohibited online content.
  • The prior Instagram activities are also available.
  • If you don’t currently have any data from the past on your smartphone, you may transfer it using the methods previously mentioned.
  • The Pixwox data you receive is entirely secure.
  • The program doesn’t divulge your details, so its use is entirely secure.
  • The user interface is engaging and user-friendly. If you use the Pixwox application to look at someone else’s profile, they won’t know about it.


  • Customers have left negative feedback on this website through social networks like Facebook and Instagram.
  • Some users might need to be made more aware of the site.
  • Sometimes, the system can’t locate the account you’re trying to find.
  • Even though it’s a no-cost site, only a few people use it.
  • A few spammers and con artists use the same method.

4. BlindStory

The primary is BlindStory, which could be an Instagram stories watcher. It’s simple to set it up. All you wish to do is sign in utilizing the username of your Instagram account. After that’s worn, out the segment for Stories of the application, you may see all the foremost later Instagram stories shown on your Instagram bolster.


From there, you can click on any story to view it 100% anonymously. In addition, you can also choose to add an Instagram account to your favorite. This means that whenever the account publishes an article on Instagram, it will appear within the Favourites in the Instagram section. This handyman ensures you are interested in something other than the Instagram accounts you’d like to follow.


  • The free version gives 15 story views per day for free. 
  • Favorite section is an additional bonus
  • Available for both Android and iOS


  • The app crashes occasionally and prevents stories from loading.

5. Dumpor

Dumpor is another fantastic user of Instagram stories that can be utilized without logging in. It is fast and responsive, and you’ll download large quantities of Instagram stories in a flash. Additionally, you can download pictures and videos on Instagram with Dumpor. Copy and paste the image or video URL, and you’re done.


You can also check out the top comments made on posts. In addition, you can also see the number of comments and likes posted anonymously on the Instagram profile you’re viewing.


  • Quick loading times
  • Does not require logging in


  • Only applicable to public profiles


How to view Instagram stories without them knowing? 

There are various methods to see someone’s Instagram Story without letting them know. One uses another account, airplane mode, slide and view, and apps from third-party sites. The steps needed to accomplish these are described in the article.

Can someone see I viewed their Instagram story if we are not friends?

When the Instagram profile (whose story you read) has been made public, it does matter if you’re acquaintances with the person. The user will be able to see that you watched the Instagram story.

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